Industrial Automation
At SAR SA, we have extensive experience in designing and implementing industrial automation. Whether you need a control system upgrades that will be integrated into your existing production infrastructure or you need control system designed from scratch, we have the technical know-how to provide efficient and effective process automation for production lines and conveyor systems.

Because our products are tailor-made and brand-independent, we can create and tweak a control system to suit your infrastructure. At every stage of working on turnkey industrial automation projects, SAR SA employs years of experience, applying technical competence we have gained by developing process automation for purpose-built machines.

At the start of working on your system, we determine the best configuration scheme to meet your unique needs. We proceed by testing proposed solutions rigorously at our well-equipped testing facilities, to ensure optimal implementation and operation. This ensures that there will be as little delay or disruption to production as possible.

We also are adept at creating material flow systems for improved logistics, according to our clients’ specific needs. In addition to providing automated stores for production lines and conveyor systems that are fully or semi-automated, we ensure that any additions are integrated effectively into logistics infrastructure already in place. It is our aim to add value through automation, maximizing production efficiency from delivery of raw materials through to the completion of your final product.

Project Showcase

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MA Automotive – Assembly Cells BMW F30



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