Contact SAR SA: At SAR Electronic SA, we’re experts in the fields of industrial automation, commercial automation and environmental technology. Whether we’re designing and developing software and hardware, installing advanced industrial process control systems, or conducting training seminars for technical staff, we bring experience, knowledge and dedication to every project. SAR SA was established in 1997, and now has a South African team of over 50 trusted engineering professionals. Our integration into the original German SAR holding company enables us to offer you the technological precision of German engineering combined with local understanding and support. In every project, we work in close cooperation with the client to ensure that the sourcing, installation and programming of equipment fully meets the client’s specific needs. SAR SA has extensive experience in multiple spheres of industry – factory environments, industrial processes and IT. As a trustworthy supplier with a strong track record, we are flexible in how we approach your engineering project. We can just as easily create systems from the ground up as we can provide ready-to-use turnkey solutions. When you choose SAR SA, you enjoy the benefits of having brand-independent automation engineers at your disposal; engineers who approach each engineering challenge on its own terms in order to find the most effective and efficient solution. The services we provide include hardware and software conceptual design and development, procuring equipment, cabinet building, installation, system programming, skills transfer, process control and system service and maintenance.

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SAR Electronic SA (PTY) Ltd.
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SAR Electronic SA (PTY) Ltd.
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+27(0)41 453 6356

+27 (0)41 453 9745

SAR Electronic SA (PTY) Ltd.
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