Activate Architecture – 5.1 kW Grid-tied Photovoltaic System with Battery Backup


Activate architecture an architectural design firm based in Rosebank Johannesburg, decided to take action in the midst of the South African Energy crisis by investing in a Photovoltaic System with Battery Backup. A 5.1 kW PV System is installed on the roof of the building supplying 70% of the annual energy needs. System Monitoring is done with the SMA Home Manager showing all energy flows via the Sunny Portal accessed either with the SMA Smart Phone APP or a Web Browser. Scope of work included the Engineering and Design, Simulation, Installation and Commissioning of the System. Project Management and Performance Measurements also formed part of SAR’s contract.

Tags: Commissioning, Engineering and Design, Hardware Planning, Installation, Photovoltaic System, Project Management, PV Plant Performance, Simulation